Episode 18 – ’A Deep Dive Into Discipline’

In the 18th episode of Scrambled: The Children’s Mental Health Podcast, Chad Douglas and Nikki Shields explore the challenging topic of discipline as it relates to childhood mental health. A discussion of the purpose of discipline along with some important things to consider when disciplining your anxious child are contained in this episode. Nikki also … Continue reading Episode 18 – ’A Deep Dive Into Discipline’

Episode 16 – ’This Episode is Brought to You By the Letters I, E, & P, and the Numbers 5, 0,& 4’

There are many places to find help for kids struggling with mental health issues and at school is one of the first places to start your search. In episode 16, Nikki and Chad are joined by Kristen, a Special Education Coordinator from a school district in their area. Kristen talks about what a 504 plan … Continue reading Episode 16 – ’This Episode is Brought to You By the Letters I, E, & P, and the Numbers 5, 0,& 4’

Episode 15 – ’United We Stand’

…Divided we fall. In their 15th episode, Chad and Nikki dive headfirst into the treacherous terrain of conflicts in co-parenting. Whether you are married to your co-parent or not, sharing a child with another person can be difficult and when that child happens to have anxiety or another mental health condition, it can be even … Continue reading Episode 15 – ’United We Stand’

Episode 10 -’Don’t Believe Everything You Think’

Note: This episode includes a discussion of self harm and suicidal ideation, listener discretion advised. 24 hour Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 (TALK). In this episode, Nikki and Chad discuss the role that thinking plays in childhood mental illness. Nikki shares the thoughts, feelings, and behavior triangle and provides parents with a framework for better understanding their … Continue reading Episode 10 -’Don’t Believe Everything You Think’

Bonus Episode 1 – ‘Anxious for the Holidays‘

It’s the first ever bonus episode for Scrambled! Nikki & Chad tackle how best to handle your child’s (or your) anxiety during the holidays. From handling difficult conversations at the dinner table to dealing with large crowds, to how best to handle grief this time of year.

Episode 6 – ‘A Variety of Anxieties‘

In episode 6, Nikki and Chad talk about the different types of anxiety disorders that can be diagnosed in childhood, including Separation Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Specific Phobia, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Selective Mutism. They talk about the difference between behavioral concerns, functional anxiety, and anxiety … Continue reading Episode 6 – ‘A Variety of Anxieties‘

Episode 5 – Anxiety 101

Episode 5 – Anxiety 101 – Anxiety is very hard to spot in a child, but it’s not impossible. The reason it’s so hard to spot is because it’s a shapeshifter. It looks like it could be many other conditions, but as long as you, or someone in a child’s life listens to what the … Continue reading Episode 5 – Anxiety 101

Episode 4 – Welcome To Your Brain

Episode 4 – Welcome to Your Brain – Emotional functioning is rooted in the brain. There are three different brain states connected to specific areas in your brain that can help us better recognize what others need when upset or escalated. Nikki and Chad walk through the Pre-Frontal Cortex, the Limbic System, and the Brainstem and talk about the three brain … Continue reading Episode 4 – Welcome To Your Brain

Episode 3 – If Emotions Could Talk

Episode 3 – If Emotions Could Talk Our children’s 5 core emotions are talking to us. Do you know how to listen? Chad & Nikki discuss those emotions, why they are important, and how listening can help you understand an anxious child. Disney Pixar’s movie about emotions, Inside Out, is streaming on Disney Plus.

Episode 1 – Introducing Scrambled

In Episode 1, you‘ll meet the co-hosts of the podcast, Nikki Shields and Chad Douglas. You‘ll find out who they are, and why they are so passionate about children‘s mental health issues. Plus, get a breakdown of what will be discussed in Season 1 of Scrambled: The Children’s Mental Health Podcast. Show Notes: Thanks for … Continue reading Episode 1 – Introducing Scrambled