Episode 16 – ’This Episode is Brought to You By the Letters I, E, & P, and the Numbers 5, 0,& 4’

There are many places to find help for kids struggling with mental health issues and at school is one of the first places to start your search. In episode 16, Nikki and Chad are joined by Kristen, a Special Education Coordinator from a school district in their area. Kristen talks about what a 504 plan is and the process for getting one of these set up for your child. She also shares important information about Behavior Improvement Plans (BIPs) and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and the ways that these can help children with emotional, behavioral, and academic concerns. Nikki and Kristen share additional tips for navigating mental health concerns that are interfering with academic performance. For listeners in the state of Illinois, Kristen recommends checking out the ISBE website for additional resources regarding ways to access support at your school: